Quick tips and rules to follow while betting in hockey

When it comes to a team sport that people have been playing since thousands of years, the only thing that comes across our mind is hockey. Involving a team of attackers, defenders and a goalkeeper, the players fascinate the audience by hitting, pushing and dribbling a small ball into the opposing team’s goal by using a hockey stick.

With hockey taking its toll, it has got an increasing betting popularity in many countries. Whether it is the Olympics game or the World Championship, both the bookmakers and punters become active. However, during the course of Olympic Games, the bookmakers do not treat it much seriously that increases the chance to win.

betting in hockey

Have a quick glance at the tips that you can follow while betting for hockey

  • If you are about to bet in hockey, it is of utmost importance to have full knowledge about the teams or the particular players. Just track the information on the previous tournaments and determine the current places in tournament ratings.
  • Make best use of social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Here, you can easily know about the injuries or the bad state of health of the sportsmen. Gathering this information will help you to define the bookmakers thus setting the odds.
  • It is better to look for the more valuable under/over lines where you can see the mistakes quite often.

Have a sneak peek into rules for hockey betting –

  • Left side team is considered the home side and the team on right side is considered the away side. In case, the game is not completed in a single day, the bets that have been already won are settled and the others are then multiplied with 1.00 and refunded to the users. If the abandoned games continue in the same day, then all the bets get settled.
  • The settling of bets depends on the winner of the regular time of the game. Usually, overtime and penalty shootouts are not considered.

The total goals scored by both the teams are evaluated and the bets are settled on its basis.

  • Bets, which are placed for under, will win when the total amount of goals scored by both the teams is under the value of bet.
  • On the contrary, the bets which are placed for over, will win when the total amount of goals scored by both the teams is over the value of bet.

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