The Milwaukee Bucks- Where Did Bango Come From?

Bango- the official mascot of The Milwaukee Bucks has been entertaining fans for almost 40 years. This deer like mascot is adorable and well loved by fans of all ages. Ardent fans like Sandy Petrocelli of the USA of the team not only have an interest in the present- day updates and news of The Milwaukee Bucks but also interesting historical facts of the team. He says Bango too has an interesting story and when you come to watch your next Milwaukee Bucks game, you know something extra about him!

Meet one of the most loved and popular mascots of the NBA

Bango is till date one of the most loved mascots of the NBA League. He was born on the 18th of October 1977 and after that has been the subject of many incarnations and makeovers. He delights fans and is loved for his friendly fan interactions and acrobatic feats. He is also known for his accuracy when it comes to half court shots and this is what his fans look forward to. He is always the center of attraction at The Bradley Center and when fans expect him to show his antics, he never fails.

Known for his aerobatic stunts and friendliness

Ever since his appearance on the scene, Bango has been widely loved by all. He always has delivered what the audience expects. He got his first car in 1984 and got married in the year 2002. After three years, the fans of The Milwaukee Bucks were treated to Bango Junior!

Bango is also loved by kids and he has been voted as the “Most Awesome Mascot” in the League by Cartoon Network. He was also seen in the documentary series called Behind The Mask by Hulu.

Where did Bango get his name from?

The name Bango was given to the mascot by Eddie Doucette who is known for being the original voice of the Bucks.There was a contest conducted by The Milwaukee Bucks when it came to naming their mascot and Bango was the most popular choice of the people. When this contest was conducted there were over thousand entries and so the organizers decided to go by the name Bango as it deemed fit for the deer like mascot.

There is also another significant episode that took place when Bango was born on 18th of October 1977. This is the day when the team was playing against the Los Angeles Lakers that was led by the iconic Kareem Abdul- Jabbar in the Milwaukee Arena.

This well-loved mascot Sandy Petrocelli, has been entertaining fans both young and old for almost 40 years. He is cheered for his aerobatic dunks, his bold stunts and his hilarious antics. When Bango does not make appearances at games at The BMO Harris Bradley Center for The Milwaukee Bucks he is preoccupied with making personal appearances. He in fact makes over 250 appearances annually at the Milwaukee Community. Bango is popular and everyone eagerly awaits his appearance at the games of The Milwaukee Bucks and cheers him from the start to the finish of the game!