You Need to Buy Soccer Shoes That Meet How You Play

Soccer shoes for playing on artificial turf have rugged rubber outsoles with stud that are short they offer adhesion on synthetic grass fields.

Artificial turf

Turf shoes for artificial turf have much smaller studs perfect for playing on artificial grass. All major brands have released artificial turf versions are as their hottest firm ground cleats. Artificial turf version of all the classic soccer shoes is available in most brand name shoes.

Back-up pair of shoes

Artificial turf soccer shoes are also great for soccer training and can be used also as a back-up pair of shoes for playing on surfaces that are hard.

soccer shoes

Type of player

What type of player are you? Do you win because you have?

  • Lightweight speed
  • Agility
  • Commanding control
  • Creativity for 90 minutes
  • Exquisite touch
  • Comfort

Different fits, material and weights combine to elevate those skills.

How often do you play?

How often do you compete – weekend tournament, daily training, or pickup games on Sunday? You want the correct balance of durability as well as performance.

Adidas Copa

Latest innovation

Some are out to buy the newest innovation or timeless legacy? You can make the choice to get the current innovation like 3D texture or hyperreactive outsole. Or you can love retros with the best leather that never go out of style like Nike Premier, PUMA King or Adidas Copa Mundial.

Budget, size and experience

What are your budget, size and experience? Many sports stores offer complete collections, from what your favorite professionals wear on down to those fits for the beginning youth players. Do you like to blend in or standout? You can go with old-school black or wow your competition with packs like the Nike Motion Blur, Adidas Turbocharge, or PUMA Tricks.

Perfect fit

Your perfect fit is now in town, and footwear experts provide direction to confirm you get exactly what you need to reach your soccer goals. More stores offer customizations, loyalty rewards and 30-day satisfaction guarantee on all soccer footwear.

Rich history

Most soccer sport stores are proud to carry brands like DiadoraMizuno, Umbro and Pantofola Dvora; all hold a rich past in the game and offer quality, proven artistry in their limited models. Find everything you need to purchase with self-assurance by reading this guide, Soccer Footwear 101.